One of the most difficult and troublesome realities of the church is the presence of people who believe that the church is always about them first.  These are the people who believe that the role of the church-and the job of the pastor specifically is to take care of their needs–their needs.  Do not change anything that comforts them. Value only what they value. Hold their hands emotionally and make them feel important.  Don’t concern yourself with being on mission with Jesus. Their happiness is the mission. They are the ones who get to say “well done.”


These are the churches that frustrate visionary leaders, burn out pastors, and drive away new people who are drawn to Jesus.  That is, if the latter even bother to come through the door of their church building.

These are the churches that say “we have enough people. Let someone else reach those in their community who are still lost.”

These are churches that break God’s heart because they are filled with selfish church people. But ultimately because the Church belongs to God and is commanded to be on mission with Jesus, these are the churches that He will let die.

The tragedy is, they will be so preoccupied with themselves that they will barely notice it.

Who will notice it are those who remain lost in their sin or those who were first on fire for the Lord but become like them because of the sin of these selfish church people.

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