July 31st at 4:00 pm was the Trading deadline for Major League Baseball.  Professional teams did hardcore self-analysis to determine if the present configuration of their team is capable of making the Playoffs; which is, after all, their objective as professional baseball organizations.  They cannot afford the luxury of just playing the game because they playing baseball.  Only amateurs can do that.

So the teams who are basically unlikely to make even that second wild card spot were trading away player resources now in their possession to position themselves for a future where they are more likely to achieve the prize of that playoff spot and the World Series beyond it.

It’s a tough thing to let go of players that have brought past success and all the good memories that went with it. It’s tough to go through the time of uncertainty–of rebooting themselves as a unit that is moving beyond past memories and present weaknesses that generally follow.  But if they do not they will merely play baseball but not achieve the Prize.

Many, many churches in America today need to do this.  They need to refocus their values, reshape their strategies, take a chance on new leaders so that they can be fruitful in the future.  If they keep “playing the game” with the same plan, the same players, the same expectations by which they have been operating in the past; they just may become failures for the Kingdom now and in the future.

As teams like the Philadelphia Phillies can tell you, past victories do not assure present ones. And when defeat sets in, it’s hard to reverse the trend without “rebooting.”


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