missionary-moreBY STEVE DUNN

If you have grown up in the Christian subculture, you may have a clue of what this sign is all about.  May is the operable word here. It is a sign of the Christian church’s tendency to divide over the ministrivia of doctrine because they want to exclude anyone who is not just like them.

There is “in this world,  but not of this world” and then there is”aliens from another planet.”

We tend to create churches that are all about us by making them churches that fit our needs and only include people who don’t mess up what we think is the perfect church.  Which means they come to a church that meets our needs instead of theirs.  It also means that what Christ has to offer them is not what we are “selling.”

Kingdom-focused churches are concerned about only one thing–what is it that Jesus wants us to do to share the Good News of the Kingdom.  And the Good News is that kingdom is open to all who put their trust in Christ.

The Good News has nothing to do with our theological hang-ups.

If the Church does not belong to Christ, it does not belong in the Kingdom.

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