motivation quoteThere is a wealth of solid information on what it takes to be an effective church–a church that is faithful to God and fruitful in its mission. We can (and will) fill our publications and this blog with strategies and methods which under the empowerment of the Holy Spirit will accomplish God’s Kingdom purposes. They will help make your congregation THE BEST CHURCH FOR THE COMMUNITY.

But here’s the catch. The research also says many churches are using such strategies or methods, even when backed by solid research and testimonies from churches who have.This lack of action occurs in many denominations that are declining in membership in recent years. It is certainly true about my own denomination.

A major research question remains unanswered: How do we address the issue of motivation? How do we get pastors and lay leaders to take the actions that research demonstrates works? To quote the blog of an excellent research organization called U.S. Congregations: “Accurate information must marry motivation and action. Otherwise, fewer and fewer children of God will gather in our churches.”

What is the answer?  I invite your input. Please comment.  In March we will specifically talk about MOTIVATION AND MOTIVATING GOD’S PEOPLE. – Steve

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