Change rarely comes easy.  To the visionaries in a church, change is a no-brainer.  They would subscribe to Albert Einstein’s famous observation:  “The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result.”  To the late or never-adopters within a church, the status quo is always preferable even when they are experiencing the reality that “status quo is Latin for ‘the mess we are in.’  The middle adopters keep hoping against hope that change can be deferred to a later and more convenient point–and that we can control its cost.

Change is inevitable.  All healthy organisms experience change as old cells die and new cells are generated, the body is regenerated.  But after a certain amount of time–none of the original cells exist and the organism is made up of new cells.  It has changed.

If you affirm the doctrine that God is the Creator and that we are the products of an Intelligent Design–and that His Creation is constantly changing, maybe we should start embracing change as a necessity of a living, healthy organism.

This is why I would agree with Bill Hybels who says, “Change is unavoidable.  Our job is to keep it healthy.”

And that begins with embracing change as both a reality and a necessity–seeing it as partnering in making all things new again.

How would your church be healthier–more faithful and fruitful– if it embraced change as part of God’s plan?

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