Churches across the nation are discovering a whole new purpose.  They are focusing on more than their own selves and immediate congregational identity.  They are focusing on the Kingdom of God and what it means to be a church that lives by the big picture rather than the smaller and more parochial one that is about building their membership, creating programs that reinforce their inward focus, counting nickles and noses.  Instead they want to be churches who make a difference in their co communities rather than carrying on their ministry as is their community did not exist, content to be inside their Christian bubble while being out of sight and out of mind to their neighbors.

This blog is dedicated to helping churches — traditional ones, new ones, churches with a long history, and churches new to any idea of having a mission beyond maintenance and survival-become the best churches for the community.

Note that the preposition – for.

This not about being the hottest church in town or the biggest one. It is not about church growth. It is about church health and purpose. It’s about growing the Kingdom of God by making more and better disciples. Part of this vision for this blog is summed up in this video:

You are invited to join this adventure including sending us your comments and posts.

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